Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Blog Tour Trust by Ella Frank

And so Trust ends almost the way Try begins. Our favorite men Tate and Logan are taking the next step to their relationship but with that, there are some trials that get in their way. One thing is for sure about their relationship; they know how to bring the feels with each other. They're still a very passionate and very very sexual couple. I love the communication that connects them...

" I forgot how fucking gorgeous you are when you fall apart for me."

Trust says it all with Tate and Logan. They must trust that when they fall apart they'll be there to put each other back together. There are significant moments that happen in Trust that signifies how much they mean to each other. Family and friends also make an appearance and some things are resolved from the previous stories. As this is the end for us with Tate and Logan, you know that this is only the beginning to many great things that will happen their way. Maybe, HOPEFULLY, we can get a novella sometime in the future.