Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bounce by K.M. Jackson

Trust. Once it's broken it's hard to put back together. How do you get past your spouse cheating on you? How can the relationship go back to what it was? Are you ever able to forgive? Are you ever able to trust again? Can you honestly let go of the hurt, resentment and love? Sometimes you can't let go of the hurt.

This story deals with all that I mentioned above. It's told thru the woman's POV and you can feel the emotions she goes thru when her husband drops the bombshell. There's other things that occur in the story but I focused on their relationship. I put myself in her shoes. I loved how she thought. I loved her actions. I would speak her words. What would you do?

Favorite line(s):

"I won't stop! I'll say whatever I feel. I should have said this before. Can you see you destroyed me with this? You destroyed us. You were my best friend. The one I trusted the most. Now that's over. Can you understand that? I am not the same person that I was before. I can't be her anymore. She's gone and now you're left with what you made."

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

SKALS Series by Adriana Noir


The SKAL Series
I read the SKALS series back to back to back knowing but not really knowing what I was getting myself into. I knew it dark. I knew there was romance. What I didn't know was that I was gonna kinda sorta crush on the "hero". Why did I use quotation marks? Cause he's not your typical hero. I love to read about alpha men especially when they act like assholes. I'm used to that and when their HEA comes and "puts them in check". Well, let me tell you. The "hero" Sebastian, he doesn't let no one put him in his place. Sebastian is ruthless, authoritive, unforgiving, dominating, obsessive, protective, scary, manupulative, cruel, contolling...basically he's just DARK. He does have his tender moments buuuuuut, there's always a but, his "dark" side takes over. We see him regress in his ways but then something always happens for him to snap back to his ways. In the series, we get to see how and why he is the way he is.

Sebastian works in SKALS and is the leader to his group of men. A secret non government organization who does what needs to get done. By any means. There's no tickle and slap. There's torture and death and cruelness. We get to see how his job and boss add to his way of thinking and his actions. Do I excuse this for him? HELL NO but I can see why.

We get introduced to Taylor who happens to stumble upon Sebastian and his men while their at work. Taylor is young and slightly naive so I looked pass her non actions in the series. She's had her share of heartache in her life so I wouldn't say she was sheltered but she needed a little more backbone and we see how she progresses with Sebastian.

Sebastian instills fear in Taylor. He makes her apologize for any little thing that she says and does. But Sebastian isn't only like this with Taylor, he treats his sister Monique and partner Josh and his team the same way. They all have a fear of him and rightfully so. The author does a wonderful job on incorporating Sebastian's job with his and Taylor's life. There are always consequences to every action with all the characters.

You want to like Sebastian but then he does something like this...

"Do you want to leave, Taylor?" he asked softly.
She winced, trembling as the cold press of steel kissed her temple. "N-nooo p-pleaaasee. Please, Se-Sebastian."
"Shh," he soothed, stroking the back of her head. "Listen to me carefully, sweetheart, because I am only going to say this once. This...this is the only way you are ever going to get to leave. This is the only way out."....And I'm here thinking DA FUQ WAS THAT!?!

There were times when I was thinking...RUN TAYLOR RUN!....but then I'll be thinking...DON'T DO IT GIRL!...and then I be like...OH SHIT. Both of their actions will leave you frustrated but when it's good between them, it's really good.

This is a suspenseful dark frustrating romance so if you're into this type of thing, go one-click. The series is not over yet and I wouldn't say that each book leaves off with a cliffhanger. The author knew when to leave off just at the right moment.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sugar Walls by BOLA

This is a story about a young girl who has this amazing voice who tries to protect her kid sister from their drug addict piece of shit mother. And when I say piece of shit...I mean PIECE OF SHIT! Zola has a secret that she doesn't want anyone to know about. As she sings at the club that she works at, she catches the eye of her boss who so happens to be in the Italian mafia. Not only does she catches his attention but his brother as well who is a huge music producer in L.A. They both want her but her boss is married and his brother has a fiancĂ©.  
Zola's life isn't a pretty one and neither are the other characters in this book. Right when you think things are going good for someone...BAM!! SHA-ZAM!! KABOOM! disaster, tragedy and unfaithfulness strikes.

You are probably wondering what's Zola's secret. Well, if you haven't read the synopsis then let me tell you. Zola has a clitoris in her throat. No you did not read that wrong. She has a clit in her throat. The only way for her to truly get off, have an orgasm is by....sucking a long thick cock. *Hold one second. Let it sink in. Yeah, I know right?* 

What I liked:
  • The craziness of the story. It was so unbelievable, like a reality tv show but on crack. 
  • It was very unpredictable in some areas that it had me going....

and then

  • It literally made me LOL so many damn times because of what some characters would say, what they would do and what would cross their minds.
"I made that happen by being a whore and the passing on them genetic whore chromosomes to you! I was such a good cocksucker-it showed up in your throat like a magic sex button."
*Whore chromosomes, who knew? I guess that explains why some people I know act all whorish. It's the chromosomes!!*

"mmmmm" Zola moaned, sweetly. She sucked on the familiar penis that had become like a friend to her." *Ahhh. I feel a Hallmark moment coming*

"Penetrate her fudge hole and dredge the juice-dick it deep!" *Fudge hole made me think of brownies. DICK IT DEEP!! <-------Genius!*

Horribly, she cried. Sad that her good pussy being wasted on men who couldn't advance her career.*Don't you hate when that happens? Ugh.* 

"Butt-fuck-me!"*<------That's it. I Died!*

Shark does something to his wife that is just plain fucking disgusting. As I was reading what he did to her, I kept gagging and looking away. *gagging while typing this*

  • Names: Amber Swift, Zola Rihanna, Sharkius Gotti, Keisha Davidson a.k.a Cola (pissed myself laughing with that one), Sugar Ling, Crisp Brownie, G-Cool....and so on. *smacks forehead*
  • Sex was had everywhere and by everyone and yes most of it was dick it deep.
This book is so bad and crazy and yes plain out ridonkulicous but I am not going to lie to y'all. It was entertaining as fuck and I need to read book 2, which I can't find anywhere and it's driving me crazy. Lol.

*Parts of this book will make you want to puke your guts out due to child prostitution and a man who is a fucking pervert for lusting over young kids. (These parts are what really almost made me stop reading. It made my stomach churn like someone who is lactose intolerant after eating a block of cheese.)