Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Donations Needed!

Hey y'all!

I am collecting donations via Paypal to help purchase much needed items for those who were hit by the deadly tornado on Sunday evening in Vilonia and Mayflower, AR. I will be making my way to Arkansas early Friday morning to deliver all donated goods, pass out envelopes with cash inside to families that I come across and to help assist with clean up. Any donation will be greatly appreciated.

My Paypal account information is: cocantu@yahoo.com. If there are certain items you would like for me to purchase please list them on a message with the transaction.

Items needed:
  • Bottled Water
  • Gatorade
  • Baby wipes
  • Batteries
  • Flashlights
  • Non-perishable snacks
  • Dog food
  • Cat food
  • Plastic bins with lids
  • Garbage bags
  • Work gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Sunblock
  • Sun visors
  • Toiletries
  • Diapers
  • Monetary donations
  • Gift cards (Wal-Mart, Target, fast food/restaurants etc)
  • and so much more
You can also text to the following organizations to make a monetary donation.

Salvation Army-text "STORM" to 80888 to make a $10 donation to the general disaster relief fund or call 1-800-725-2769

Red Cross-text "REDCROSS" to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the general disaster relief fund.

Arkansas Rice Depot-text "FEED" to 74700 to make an immediate $5 to $10 donation. You can also go to Rice Depot and click "GIVE TODAY".

For more updated information regarding the areas hit in Arkansas, you can visit The Made Thing.

Thank you and God Bless

Friday, April 18, 2014

~Cover Reveal~ Unable to Resist by Cassie Graham

~Cover Reveal~

Unable to Resist Synopsis:

Ann is haunted by a past that won't let go. The secrets lurking in Arizona are too much to handle, making a move to Nashville her best chance of survival. Her bakery is enough to keep her mind busy during the day, but the night brings nightmares that threatens to rip her in two. Tired of just living rather than experiencing it, she's ready to fight her demons and emerge the victor.

Only-she doesn't know how to do that alone.

Duane has a lot on his plate. A lawyer for a prestigious law firm and a ranch owner, he hardly has enough time to breathe, let alone date.  But all of that changes when he meets Ann.

A chance encounter at a bar brings them together, but it's fate that shoves them into each other's lives for reasons they will soon unveil together.

Can Ann open her heart and let Duane in?

Unable to Resist is a story about love, loss and finding healing in unlikely places.


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Love, in English by Karina Halle

This was all I had, his skin on my stars
In this new beautifully well written romance, we are taken on a forbidden, emotional, romantic love journey of Vera Miles; a young sexy wild and adventurous Estrella and Mateo Casalles; an older handsome married settled gentleman who find el amor (the love) in the beautiful country of Spain. From the moment Vera saw Mateo, she knew two things. One, she was attracted to him and two, he was off limits. The more time Vera spends with Mateo, she reminds herself that he's forbidden. He's married. He's married. He's married. What started off their relationship was communication. As they get to know each other, they both reveal what they wouldn't reveal to others. Their mutual attraction is undeniable. The sexual tension is immense. As you read the story, you see how Vera and Mateo connected easily. Their love was inevitable.
"Do you like what you see?" he asked me, rolling his head to the side to gaze at me.
I grinned. Butterfly wings beat against my heart. "Always."
This wasn't a couple who out and out and tried to seduce and fuck each other right off the bat. They both knew it was wrong and they didn't act on it until their passion and love couldn't be held back any longer. Did I have a problem with it? No. The delicate topic of infidelity was handled tastefully. Of course, there's some parts where it could be frustrating and little angsty but what forbidden romance isn't like that? The infidelity is not the main focus. It's about two people living without living, loving without loving until a shooting star shot thru their skies and made the world a little brighter for the both of them. It's about taking a chance with your heart even if it's to endure heartache cause there's also that other possibility to bring you a love of a lifetime.
Mateo was still standing there, his hand raised. He then put his hand on his heart.
Karina Halle has a TREMENDOUS gift for storytelling. Either it's scaring the living shit out of us or having us fall in love with bad men, I'm pleased that she stepped into the contemporary romance category. It's another good place for her. Her words seem effortless in her stories. Her one liners are quotable and they put a smile on your face.
Finally and most importantly, CLAIM on Mateo Cassales.
Favorite lines:
What can I say Vera. You make me want to reach for the stars.
I'll never forget this. I told myself. Never.

You, Lauren, are a bicycle. Viete a la mierda.
You should treat yourself better than that.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Will by Kristen Ashley

First, I hate crying. Period. I get all red nosed, blotchy faced, red eyed demon looking. It's not pretty. Second. After I cry, I can't speak. My throat gets tight. It feels like there is a ball in my throat(get your mind outta the gutter) and I have to swallow hard(again, get your mind outta the gutter) repeatedly to talk and then when I do it goes something like this....I I I r r rre rreal rrreally lllloooove this booooook! WWWWWAAAAAA! It's beyond ridiculous. Seriously. Now, why did I mention that? Kit's epilogues are some of THE best out there. She is LA REINA of the epilogues. Third, it doesn't always mean that someone dies in a story. It can be a moment, a phrase or just how well a story is told that just GET it. On to the story...

Fate comes in many different shapes and forms. In this case in comes in The Will. In The Will, Josephine Malone's beloved grandmother left her in the hands to Jake Spears. They are both taken surprised to this. Josie and Jake are from two completely different worlds. You would think they wouldn't have anything in common but they do. *I'm gonna stop right here for a bit. When I read Josephine, I found her language on the nanny side being very proper. It kinda thru me off but I got over it and I'm pretty sure you will too. It teaches you to expand your vocabulary.* Now, with Kit's stories it's not all about the H and h. It's about family too and this family is one of the best I've read. The way Jake is with his kids is funny, adorable, laughable and men could learn a lesson or two. Of course there are side characters that are just as yummy and funny and you know that they'll get a story so I won't delve into them. In this story little by little, words by words, touch by touch it's revealed how even when someone is physically gone their presence is always felt with what special gift they left behind which is the power of love. Sometimes there are just no words that I can write down to do any justice to Kristen Ashley's books. I've been saying this for years but if you haven't read anything by her...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!
Favorite line:
"Lesson,"Jake said gently. "Man's got the power to break a woman's heart. Women have their own power. Learn this in future, choose better."

The Will is a beautiful and moving story about finding love and family. You will laugh out loud, fall in love with main characters and secondary characters, cry, swoon with all things Jake Spears and be "Oh snap" when Josephine berates the douche nozzles in a way that is classy, refined and kick ass.

I must confess that it took a while for me to warm up to Josephine because of the way she talks and acts and for just a small itty bitty moment I thought she was going to throw me off but she quickly grew on me. I love how she is different from all the rest of the h's in KA's stories. You'll find out how she is different when you read the book.

Jake....holy macaroni. That man. That man is DELICIOUS! HOT! SEXY! And it's not all because of his looks. The way he treats his kids and Josephine will melt your heart. Melt it I tell you.

Jake and Josephine are by far one of the best couples I've read in a while. They are so different yet they complete each other perfectly.

Like my sister said up above, KA is The Queen of writing epilogues. I would say that I just cried a little while reading it but oh no, I bawled my eyes out. They were happy tears that were filled with love for the characters and for Kristen.

Favorite Lines:

"They stopped when my sunglasses hit his.
And when they did, my breath also stopped.
This was because in all my life, and I'd had a long one, and in all my wandering, and I'd wandered far, I'd never seen a man like him."

"Josie, a man takes a woman to dinner, he picks her up at her door and he returns her there,"

My eyes narrowed. "Telling someone to shut up is rude."
"Babe," he returned.
"And ordering an adult to sleep is preposterous," I went on.
"Is that your response?" I asked.
"No, my repsonse is, babe, shut up and sleep but I already said that so I condensed it to just babe 'cause taht's easier to say and might not piss you off."
"I can't read all that in 'babe', Jake."
"You'll learn to read my babes."~ I just love this scene! lol.

"He asks her out and comes on that bike to pick her up, I'm shooting him."

"Smartass and bossy, what got into you today?" he asked.
I'm just handling my man," I answered. His lips quirk turned into a full-blown laugh as his arms convulsed around me and he roared with his amusement.

"You got one choice, you either suck me or I eat you. After that, I take over."

"You don't want the results of that work in your mouth, baby, you best get up here."