Friday, April 18, 2014

Love, in English by Karina Halle

This was all I had, his skin on my stars
In this new beautifully well written romance, we are taken on a forbidden, emotional, romantic love journey of Vera Miles; a young sexy wild and adventurous Estrella and Mateo Casalles; an older handsome married settled gentleman who find el amor (the love) in the beautiful country of Spain. From the moment Vera saw Mateo, she knew two things. One, she was attracted to him and two, he was off limits. The more time Vera spends with Mateo, she reminds herself that he's forbidden. He's married. He's married. He's married. What started off their relationship was communication. As they get to know each other, they both reveal what they wouldn't reveal to others. Their mutual attraction is undeniable. The sexual tension is immense. As you read the story, you see how Vera and Mateo connected easily. Their love was inevitable.
"Do you like what you see?" he asked me, rolling his head to the side to gaze at me.
I grinned. Butterfly wings beat against my heart. "Always."
This wasn't a couple who out and out and tried to seduce and fuck each other right off the bat. They both knew it was wrong and they didn't act on it until their passion and love couldn't be held back any longer. Did I have a problem with it? No. The delicate topic of infidelity was handled tastefully. Of course, there's some parts where it could be frustrating and little angsty but what forbidden romance isn't like that? The infidelity is not the main focus. It's about two people living without living, loving without loving until a shooting star shot thru their skies and made the world a little brighter for the both of them. It's about taking a chance with your heart even if it's to endure heartache cause there's also that other possibility to bring you a love of a lifetime.
Mateo was still standing there, his hand raised. He then put his hand on his heart.
Karina Halle has a TREMENDOUS gift for storytelling. Either it's scaring the living shit out of us or having us fall in love with bad men, I'm pleased that she stepped into the contemporary romance category. It's another good place for her. Her words seem effortless in her stories. Her one liners are quotable and they put a smile on your face.
Finally and most importantly, CLAIM on Mateo Cassales.
Favorite lines:
What can I say Vera. You make me want to reach for the stars.
I'll never forget this. I told myself. Never.

You, Lauren, are a bicycle. Viete a la mierda.
You should treat yourself better than that.
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