Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bounce by K.M. Jackson

Trust. Once it's broken it's hard to put back together. How do you get past your spouse cheating on you? How can the relationship go back to what it was? Are you ever able to forgive? Are you ever able to trust again? Can you honestly let go of the hurt, resentment and love? Sometimes you can't let go of the hurt.

This story deals with all that I mentioned above. It's told thru the woman's POV and you can feel the emotions she goes thru when her husband drops the bombshell. There's other things that occur in the story but I focused on their relationship. I put myself in her shoes. I loved how she thought. I loved her actions. I would speak her words. What would you do?

Favorite line(s):

"I won't stop! I'll say whatever I feel. I should have said this before. Can you see you destroyed me with this? You destroyed us. You were my best friend. The one I trusted the most. Now that's over. Can you understand that? I am not the same person that I was before. I can't be her anymore. She's gone and now you're left with what you made."

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