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~Review & Give-A-Way~ Moments in Time: A collection of short fiction

Because You Are Mine by Madeline Sheehan

----AAAAAAAOOOOOO A refreshing take on werewolves. Seems forever since I've read something new by Madeline so when I saw that she was releasing a short story, I hopped up on it. Never a disappointment with her work. ~Amanda

----I can't tell you how over the moon excited I was when I heard that Madeline was writing a short story for an anthology. If you don't know me I am a huge Madeline fan. Like super huge. Her writing is unique and damn that woman can write a story like no other.

Because You Are Mine is a definite must read, especially if you love paranormal and all things werewolves. Oh ladies and to some gents, after reading this short story you will be in super heat and wish to the Gods that there is a wolf like Grey to whom you wish would could do oh such naughty things with and who will make you go Aaaaooooo!!!!!. And yes, Grey is SUPER ALPHA!!!!!

"Grey," was the gruff reply.
recovered from her mini heart attack, she cleared her throat.
"How can I help you?"
"You can let me in."
"Sorry. I'm busy."
"Female," he growled. "I will tear this fucking door off its hinges and then I will break the neck of anyone who tries to stop me from getting to you."


I would go one with more of my highlights but I'll save them for you to come across. ~Crystal

Dark Paradise by Karina Halle
----Karina definitely has a way with words. Characters from The Artist Trilogy are in here and it keeps ya happy until Dirty Angels comes out. ~Amanda
----Are you waiting oh so impatiently for Dirty Angels to come out? Need something to read that will soothe that little aching pain of waiting until you get your hands on the baddest drug lord ever? Then I definitely recommend that you read Dark Paradise. You will feel the connection, the pull, the attraction and the chemistry between Esteban and Lani. Will they get a happily ever after? *shrugs shoulder*

"Sometime people come into our lives for just a second, just long enough to let us know that hope exists."

Did I mention that I also am in love with Karina's writing? It's just so profound. Her writing style flows so perfectly that once you are finished with one book, you want to immediatley pick up another of hers and get lost. Never to be seen or heard from again.

*Let me just say that there is a scene that will have you going "Holy bang-bang-dang-diggity-bang!!! That is caliente!!!* ~Crystal

The Benson by Karina Halle
----After reading this short story I am in need of one-clicking the Experiment in Terror series. I know. Something is clearly wrong with me for not have read the series already. I kept hearing this and that about a certain character name Dex and was like hmmm “I’ll check him out one day.” Well after getting a small glimpse of him in The Benson I am so changing that from one day to NOW!! If you love a good ghost story then you will definitely love this one. ~Crystal

Home by Joanne Schwehm
----My favorite type of romance. Childhood crushes that bloom into love. ~Amanda

----Joanne. Thank you for giving us such a sweet and beatiful and sexy read. There is nothing like a love story about childhood crushes who finally get their happy ending. I was sad when I came to the end because I wanted more. Needed more.

Will we get more? Please say yes. Puhlease! ~Crystal

Slum Queen by Daryl Banner
----Wow! Just.....WOW!!!! If you are looking for something totally different and perfect and full of awesomeness then please please please make sure you read this story. Oh the feels I felt while reading Slum Queen. I needed tissues at the end and dashnabit I didn't have any at all. I was a blubblering mess and I silently cursed and praised Daryl.

*Make sure you check out his other stories. I read The Beautiful Dead and it is currently my all time favorite post-post-apocalyptic read.* ~Crystal

Baby Special by C.C. Brown

----It’s so refreshing to come across a story, whether it be a short or long one, where it has a man but not just any man, a Marine, going out of his mind bat shit crazy with worry and love for his wife who is expecting their first child. In Baby Special I kept laughing at Alex’s reaction to every look of pain that would come across his wife’s face. Or his reaction to what the doctors would say when his wife Cassie gets admitted.
If you want a feel good, hilarious but in a “Awww. Alex is acting so cute in a commanding kinda way.” and a happy happy joy joy quick story then I definitely recommend this one for you.~Crystal

One Night Away by Nicole Jacquelyn

----Steamy. Sexy. Seductive. Mysterious Man.

One Night Away is all those with a sweet ending that will leave you with a huge as fuck smile on your face. ~Crystal
One Night with a Cowboy
----Oh the jerk. Oh the pompous ass tard. I want to grab one of my big purses and fill that sucker up with heavy objects and do some major damage.
Sorry about that. I had to get that off my chest because ugh there is a major douche nozzle in the beginning of this story. I am happy to say thought that Ember is no longer with that asshat eating son of a bitch and that she finally met and had one hell of a time with a sexy and drop dead gorgeous cowboy whose *clears throat* package is quite impressive. ~Crystal
Sapphire by Ashley Suzanne
----Are you in the mood for a dark read with a HEA at the end? This one is for you. As I was reading I could feel the pain that Sapphire went through as a young teenager and as a young adult. I felt her loneliness and despair as she talked about how she has survived since running away from home. It’s a tragic yet beautiful story.
Ashley, will there be more to this? ~Crystal

Unleashed by Erin Noelle

----If you're a fan of fury things that howl at night then you will enjoy this erotic story by Erin. I really do hope that she continues with this because hot damn I'm wanting more.~Crystal 

Have yet to finish the other stories. This anthology is one of the best that has been released this year. Go and pick up your copy!

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