Friday, June 13, 2014

Dirty Angels by Karina Halle

When you read a lot, like I do, you come to see what works for you and what doesn't. You come to find what author you get and don't get when they're telling a story. I've discovered that anybody can be an author but it takes someone truly talented to be a phenomenal storyteller and Karina Halle has taken her writing abilities beyond with Dirty Angels.

My destiny was constantly being rewritten and it would continue to be until it was fulfilled. Until I was at the top of the world and I had everything I'd ever wanted at my feet. Until I could crush everything with none of the mercy that was bestowed upon me.

For those who've met Javier Bernal in The Artist Trilogy, you know how he is...a contradiction, ruthless, enigmatic, charming, demented, perceptive, cruel, possessive, and seductive. In Dirty Angels he is still the same maybe more, maybe less. Javier will do anything to get what he wants to become more successful in his line of business and what better way than to kidnap his rival cartels wife Luisa. Javier sees her as another means to get ahead in the game but what he doesn't expects is that Luisa will be the game changer in his life. Luisa is one of the best and strongest heroine I've read. What she had and has to endure is super woman worthy. Just because Javier feels for Luisa doesn't mean she's not left without being hurt. Even in their situation, Javier and Luisa can't help but feel a connection, they can't help the chemistry that explodes within, they reflect each other.

"Luisa, " I said carefully, looking into her shining, desperate eyes. "You can't save me." She smiled, letting out a caustic laugh. "I don't want to save you," she said, bringing her face closer to mine. "I want to join you."

Dirty Angels is gruesome, sexy, solid, funny, romantic in a psycho kinda way and it's by far my absolute favorite read of 2014.

*side note* Javier FEELS!!!! and one line that I couldn't stop laughing at..."The ghost of narcos' past has returned to fuck you up the ass."

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