Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Destructive by Jessica Prince

Destructive pulled me in and did not let me go until the very end. It's a dark and sexy read that will leave you wanting more.

To some it will be your typical book where the guy is filthy rich and the girl isn't but this book is so so so so much more than that. There is a dark and brutal past for both of the main characters and the deeper you get into the story, the more heart wrenching it is. Don't worry though, it's not all dark. There are some hilarious scenes from side characters that I am hoping and praying get their own story because I am in love with them.

You will have your "Oh shit" moment and like I said to myself when I got to a certian part, "I fucking did not see that coming!! Oh crap!! Oh fuck!!"

This book does end in a small, very very very small cliffy but nothing to where you will be screaming at your reading device "WHAT?!", "WHY DID IT END LIKE THAT?!"

Some of my favorite lines from the book:

"So is the Italian stereotype true? Are you hung like a horse?"......."Oh come on! Like you weren't thinking it. I bet I could blow this guy without even getting on my knees."~Carmen

"I can smell how aroused you are, bella. If I slid my hand under your dress right now, would you be wet for me?"~Gabriel

"I'll always make you come, but you'll come how I want you to."~Gabriel

"Men causes nothing but pain."~Marley

"So you basically marked me then?" "And I'll continue to mark you, over and over until I've made my point if that's what it takes." "And what point is that?" "That you're mine and I'm yours."~Marley & Gabriel

Oh....did I forget to mention that Gabriel is one hot and sexy as sin Italian hunk? *fans myself*

This is by far Jessica's best work!


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