Thursday, September 25, 2014

Deacon by Kristen Ashley


I don't know how an author can put out x amount of stories a year and make them not less worthy of the previous ones. Some may argue that a writer should take their time with their work and not rush it out to satisfy their fans. I'm here to say that KA has a knack for what she does. She makes her stories believable, enjoyable, laughable, swoonworthyable(it's my word) and Deacon doesn't disappoint.

With KA's men, they each have that something something that sets them apart. With Deacon *whispers* it's the bedroom play. When I got to a certain part, I thought to myself, is KA going there? And then, BOOM, she did. I will say this, that if a man lets you do what Deacon lets get done to keep his ass. End of.

The woman in Deacon's life is Cassidy. She is her own person and with the way she is, Deacon's attraction is unavoidable no matter how many times he drove away. Their story is sweet. Their story is sexual. Their story is putting the past to rest. Their story took time and in the end it was worth the journey.

In a sing song voice(clears throat)

D for the things that you Don't say

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  1. I must agree Deacon is a keeper! This book was so hot I felt my Nook overheat in my hands.

  2. I mentioned the Cantu sisters in my Amazon review. --Slitty.