Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dirty Deeds by Karina Halle

Welcome back to the world of deceit, death, action packed bullets a blazing along with some hot fucks. 

In the next installment of Dirty Angels series, we meet again Derek Conway not to be confused with Conway Twitty who could carry a tune with his guitar, this Conway carries his tune with his gun as he is an ex-military now assassin. He blindly takes a job to kill a woman and this woman is none other than Alana Bernal, sister to Javier Bernal(bad ass extraordinaire who by the way we see again). What becomes a job to kill becomes a job to protect. Unknown variables come into play that brings Derek and Alana together on another level. Their attraction is instant and the need to stay alive is put to the limit. Derek and Alana both have demons. Their past is what brings them to the present and hopefully to the future. 

In the world of the cartels, someone and everyone is trying to get to the top. People are put in situations for their climb to ascend. The deceit in this story took me by surprise. I'm highly anticipating how Dirty Promises will go. As always, the writing of Karina is refreshing and I love the way she uses simple words to make an impact with her stories. 

All in all...read the book.

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