Monday, February 9, 2015

Hero by Samantha Young

Hero is about how a choice, either bad or good, can connect people to their fate. First connection is made thru eye contact between the characters of Caine and Alexa. There's a spark and the attraction is mutual. Alexa knows how they're connected and when it's revealed how, Caine immediately closes off and brushes off Alexa. Second connection is when Alexa is looking for employment and Caine offers her one at his job as his personal secretary. She knows how he feels towards her yet she still wants that connection with him, feelings be damned. Third connection is thru their words. Some hurtful, some playful and some revelations they both discover. Fourth connection is thru the sex. I don't need to explain that. Alexa feels more while Caine feels less or so he thinks. And the last connection is about family and here is where it all starts and how Caine and Alexa become what they became.
I connected with the characters. I got what they were saying and doing but towards the end when a secret is known, I felt disconnected and didn't think it went well with the story but that's just my opinion. All in all Hero is an enjoyable slightly angsty read that can pull at the heart and one that I still recommend.

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