Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Revved by Samantha Towle


Revved has everything that I love to read about in a story. The heroine Andressa(pronounced Undress Her) came out strong. She was level headed, she has rules and she has issues(which are valid).  Andressa hired as a new mechanic to racing star Carrick Ryan's team. When they do meet, the attraction is instant but Andressa knows Carrick's reputation as a man whore(which I adore!) and she sets her rule in place. As they are in constant contact due to the racing tour, little by little Andressa's rule is slowly being broken. What starts as friendship turns to sexual chemistry that can't be denied any longer. Carrick knows how to charm and woo and seeing this with Andressa was sweet and sexy. But, as the rules break, so do hearts. At times, Andressa was too much back and forth with her feelings with Carrick and Carrick definitely proved that he could be a cocky arsehole. At one point, I even shouted "AW HELL NO YOU JUST DIDN'T SAY THAT!" As communication is key to their relationship, it proves how much they do belong together. When the smoke is cleared, you'll be cheering for Carrick and Andressa to race to the finish line.

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