Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ride Steady by Kristen Ashley

Excerpt from Own the Wind...
Joker was tall, built, not bulky but also not lean, just muscled in a powerful way. He held his body and moved like he knew exactly what his frame was capable of and what it was capable of was a lot. He had a thick head of black hair with more than a small amount of wave to it. He wore it long, hanging in his face and down to his shoulders. He also had a full beard that, unlike most of the brothers who sported facial hair, he kept trimmed. The beard made him appear older than his years. The tan he had made him look weathered and again older than he was. But it was his steel-gray eyes that told the tale. That steel was like a shield, holding everyone back from the mysteries that lay within. This was kind of a weird coincidence, since his name was Carson Steele. And I didn't know him, but I knew from those eyes there was no doubt there were mysteries that lay within.

When I first read that description of Joker, I laid claim. When I read that description again(cause hello, it's a Kristen Ashley book), I needed his story in my life. It took two long years to finally find out who Carson "Joker" Steele is and how he came into Chaos MC. The prologue of Ride Steady deals with Joker when he was a teenager. His home life isn't the best and he's wanting to break free from it. As he does, he knows that he'll leave behind people who matter most to him. People that were there for Carson, knowingly or unknowingly, who gave him something that his home life couldn't or wouldn't. One of these people is Carissa Teodoro, his high school crush. Though they hardly interacted in school, with his good bye at a heartbreaking scene, you felt what could have been with a short conversation and a kiss on the cheek.

As years go by, Joker and Carissa meet up again though one doesn't know who the other is. Change has come in many forms in their lives. Joker has joined Chaos and is doing what he loves in the shop. Carissa is a single mother making ends meet as best as she can. Even as one tries to pushes the other away, when the times comes, their relationship comes easy though there are some obstacles that come or try to get in their happiness. Joker and Carissa's words spoken to each other are honest. There are no games played. They say what they mean and do as they say. Having had feelings for each other for so long, they just click perfectly. Family comes not only by blood but by being there when no one else has. We get to meet Joker's new family which in time becomes Carissa's. There's a message there, folks. Savor it.
Ride Steady is also about Chaos and the threat that is making them take more notice of the dangerous situation that's coming. With this, we get a whole smorgasbord of old friends that make appearances. If you're anything like me, when I see a name, I start smiling huge. 
As with all KA's prologues, though this was short, it got to the point, and it doesn't disappoint. As Joker and Cassie live out their wonderful world, you'll take something out of Ride Steady. What that is to you, is for you to find out. As for me, well that's my secret not to share.
Favorite lines:
"Steady, Butterfly."
"I think I might be falling in love with you,"...
"Then quit thinkin', Carrie, because I know I'm fallin' for you."...
"I'm gonna cry."...
"Then for fuck's sake, get over here so you can be in my arms while you do it."
"Who would have thought my Carson Steele would catch butterflies."

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