Monday, June 29, 2015

The Ground Rules by Roya Carmen

This is about sex. Plain and simple.


The story follows a happily married couple(Gabe and Mirella) who meet another happily married couple(Weston and Bridget) at a restaurant. Strangers at first then their relationships becomes more when an, dare I say, indecent proposal is proposed. Basically, Weston and Bridget have an open marriage but it's kept secret. They both find Gabe and Mirella attractive and want to have seperate relations with them(no orgy here people though I wouldn't have been opposed to it). Gabe and Mirella discuss the proposal and what they find is that they're aroused by the idea or as Mirella says...
We're's that simple.

The title of the book is that. There are The Ground Rules for them to proceed with their arrangement. But you know how it goes...rules are meant to be broken. As the story is told only through Mirella's POV, we see how her connection to Weston becomes more. How emotions are played out and the consequences of them.
What drew me in the story is the realness of it. I got it. I got how Mirella could have started falling in love with Weston. It wasn't that she was neglected or unloved by Gabe. Their married life wasn't bad. It was great actually before they came into the "wife swapping". It's just that her relationship with Weston was different. The sex scenes with Mirella and Gabe were hot but also with Weston. We just got more of her and Weston and you see the connection with Weston more than with Gabe. Makes sense? Is there a wrong or right with Weston and Mirella and their feelings to each other? For me, I say no. What she was feeling for him gave me heart palpitations, I guess cause it was all new. Just different. What's happening with Gabe and Bridget and is there any feelings there? I don't know and I want to know.
I liked the way the story left off. It was completed in my opinion. I see there will be a book two and have no idea how the author will take the story in any direction but mos def I'll be reading it.


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