Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Review of Gold by K. A. Linde

And so Gold concludes the story of Bryna and her antics on finding what she thought was missing all along....LOVE. Who she finds it with was the best choice she could make. The person that was there for her, the person who put up with her silliness, the person who saw past the person she tried to portray. Bryna's calculating ways is immature and that put me off of her character but then I realized she is only eighteen so I give some leeway for that and hopefully with her choice in love, it can mature her along the way.

Other characters from Diamonds make appearances. Some that are good for Bryna and some that you just want to junk punch them. I'm a fan of Linde's work. She knows how to give us the angst and, at least for me, she knows how to write characters that I dislike. Ha! We kinda get a feel on what Platinum(book 3) will start off, so be prepared for that ride.

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