Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Seven Sons by Lili St. Germain

Whelp! I read this book because a lot of my peeps said it was "A must read" and so I was all like "Ooohh Okay! Let me check it out."

I checked it out and it fell flat for me. Sorry. The concept is great. It reminds me of the show Revenge (which is badass btw) but some things I just couldn't get over or accept.


Like when she takes it in the ass by one of the guys who rapes her (who also had her dad killed) so that she can "get in" the club to get her revenge. Ummm negative captain. She was a virgin when she was raped by seven....SEVEN dudes and yet she goes back and takes it like a champ by the main honcho. Yes it's been years and she's doing it to get revenge but come on.

And she keeps thinking about the main honchos good looks. Again, negative captain.

And let's talk about her major makeover. Instead of using that money to change her looks completely she should have used it to kill those motherfuckers by Carbombs. Snipers. Killer Clowns. Strippers with machine gun nipples whose vagina's launches missiles. <----Now that would be freaking amazeballs.

Will I read the next one? Ehhh. Maybe but not right now. I am intrigued to see how she goes about whacking each son out and to see how things end but not right now.

This wasn't my cup of tea but hey it could totally be yours and if it is....kuddos.

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