Monday, July 7, 2014

The Promise by Kristen Ashley

Amanda's Review~

We met Benny and Frankie in the story At Peace. Just from their little introduction, I reduced that Benny is a man whore that works at the family owned pizza restaurant and Frankie is in love with Benny and his family lays blame on her for the role of their eldest sons death. After I met Benny and Frankie in The Promise, I reduced that Benny may have been around the block or two but has always been in love with Frankie and that Frankie finally got what she deserves.

When a connection is first made, it's set for life. No matter what it is. And just like life, there are obstacles that can get in the way to that connection but it's never broken. The connection, for me, was not only Benny and Frankie's relationship but of both of their families. This is what I absolutely love about KA's writing. Yes, she focuses on the H and h's story but she also focuses on the importance of family. Whether the family is good or bad they play a role in the lives of others. We learn from family and try not to repeat past mistakes.

I found The Promise on the tame side compared to the others in the series. It was easy. It was smooth. Not angsty. Just blunt. Benny and Frankie said what they had to say, did what they had to do and it was done. Their relationship wasn't smooth sailing but when they get it right, you can see them riding into the sunset. While I enjoyed their story, another family completely stole my heart and that is Joe and Violet Callahan along with their daughters. *I secretly hope, pray, cross my fingers that later later on, we get Kate and Keira's stories*

Now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how KA can weave characters from previous books into new stories. As I read this, I saw one name and I smiled. I saw another name and my eyes rounded. THEN the mother of ALL names showed up and I kicked my legs on the mattress(was on my bed at the time) and shouted YES! YES! YES! And I'm still smiling while I'm typing this. GAH! It was a treat to read about this character.

As with KA's stories, I'm never disappointed. I love how she can create characters that I fall in love, talk about like they're real and pimp out her books like there's no tomorrow. Fantastic job Kit!

Crystal's review~

Benny and Frankie. Frankie and Benny. I just love these two characters! They might be my 2nd favorite couple in this series, the 1st belonging to Joe and Violet from At Peace.

Frankie and Benny's story is not explosive like the others in the Burg series but it will still grab you, suck you in and consume you. Once you are done reading The Promise, you will be smiling so big and your heart will be bursting with happiness and love for these two.  

As hard as Frankie tries to stay clear of Benny because of the history between them, she feels something for him. Something more than just friends. Something more than Benny almost being her brother-in-law. Her feelings for him scares her and she has a hard time trying to get past the history but he makes his way inside her heart slowly but not slowly because Benny, as we all know, is an Italian dude. Italian dudes are stubborn. Italian dudes have their own mind sets: They see something they want, they go for it, no matter what. Italian dudes, especially a KA Italian dude, is super loyal and faithful. And with Benny being an Italian KA dude, he will make you swoon like a high school teeanage girl when her crush walks by her in the hallway.

Benny's parents are such a wonderful and hilarious delight. I am so glad we get a chance to read about them and that they are a part of this amazing and beautiful story.

As my sister stated up above, you will get a fantastic treat from other KA characters. And yes, I was pumping my fist in the air and kicking my legs while I was laying down in bed reading when a certain hottie came into the picture. This is just one other reason why I am in love with KA's writing. The way she connects characters from one series to the next is just brilliant! BRILLIANT I TELL YA! Nobody does that can do that better than her.

Oh the epilogue. Always one of the b
est parts of her books. And, I can't wait until I have my own calendar to fill in one day.

                                                        *Raoul Bova as Benny~swoon*

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