Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ryker by Joanne Schwehm

Sex, drums, and denial; three things that Ryker Jeffries excels at.

Ryker buries himself in music and insignificant women, all part of his plan to keep the woman who owns his heart free from his tainted past and his darkest secret. But pretending not to want her has never been easy.

Loyalty, honesty, and desire for Ryker; three things that Faith Bishop excels at.

Excited about her future, Faith looks forward to finally living life on her terms. Intelligent and realistic, she knows the women who steal Ryker’s attention are all of the things she will never be. But wanting him has never been a choice.

Will he be able to resist her, or will he finally cave to his desires? Will she be able to handle his past, or will it shatter her?

I'm going to be blunt here mmkay? Ryker is a drummer in a band called Raging Urge and he is a MAJOR ass. A major ass who grated on my damn nerves with the games he would play with Faith. One minute he is super nice to her, making her think that he is into her and then.......




He treats her like shit. His actions gave me a whiplash that's going to last for days (Thanks Joanne). Why does he treat her like that? Because he feels like he is not good enough for her. That his past will scare her and he will lose her so he does his best to push her away. Better to stay friends than anything else.*smacks forehead* Oh Ryker. 

He has a past, a deep hurtful and painful past, that he doesn't let anyone know about until one day he finally opens up to the one person who has always been there no matter how horribly he has treated this person. *I was like FINALLY!!! He is going to talk about it but hot damn was it brutal and down right heart wrenching*

The one relationship that I really enjoyed most of all is of Faith and Max. Best friends since childhood. Once you find out how they meet you will laugh and love them even more. Heck, if Ryker wasn't in the picture I would root for them to get together but lucky for us Ryker moved into their town and joined RU.

For me personally I felt like things moved a little to fast with the story in certain areas but overall I really enjoyed it.

If you love a tortured musician who can be the douchebag of your dreams then Ryker is your man. He bangs the drums like no other and if you were ever at a Raging Urge concert and you make eye contact with Ryker, your panties will be in trouble. Trouble as in they will combust right there and then. You will want to have that one night where he bangs you like he bangs his drums.

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