Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Take by Ella Frank

I could write a long review on how much I absolutely love Take but I'm not. I'm keeping this short and pointing out key factors.

•Take picks up where Try left off.

•Tate and Logan's relationship is evolving and going to the next level.

•They both go thru emotional journeys and they are there to support each other thru it.

•Their sexual chemistry is EXPLOSIVE!!!


•Tate and Logan show a lot of vulnerability. It's very endearing.

•Take leaves off with an OH SNAP moment and leaves you wanting more.

•Remember the cover of the book. There's a scene.....

As always, Ella Frank's writing is superb. She definitley knows how to draw a reader in and she definitely knows how to tell a story.

* My absolute favorite line * "This is the only way I like cream with my coffee."

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