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The Viper by Kele Moon

I don't believe I'm the only one who gets really excited when Kele announces she has a new book coming out or better yet, a new series. I mean, it's Kele Moon's stories! I absolutely love the book world(s) she creates. It's very easily to get lost in it and you can relate to the characters. Now on to the review.

In the this spinoff from the Battered Heart series(which is one of my faves), we are introduced to Marcos Rivera and Katie Foster. Two people from completely different worlds who literally collide with each other and from this sets off their connection. They see in each other what they are missing in life. Marcos and Katie don't spend as much time together as I would have liked to have read but when they do; it's sweet, funny and sexy. What I absolutely love about Marcos is that he's not afraid to cry. I find that very endearing and he stole my heart with that.

The relationship between Marcos and his cousin Chuito is heart warming. They both went thru a night of tragedy and that shaped them into what they become and because of this one is always trying to help the other even if it does each other harm. Can someone really get away from his past? Yes and No. Kele is building up the anticipation for Chuito's story. It will definitely be interesting to see how his character will play out. Other characters from the Battered Heart series play a role in Marcos, Katie and Chuito's lives as well as new ones.

To sum it all up, read the book and if you haven't yet, read the Battered Heart series. You will NOT be disappointed.



“You’re not exactly a ten, Katie.” Grayson laughed cruelly, reminding Katie why she left to begin with. “No one is going to love you for your mind like I do, not in this town. I’m your best option, and I don’t understand why you did this to us.”

“I think she’s a ten,” a man called from behind them.

Goose bumps danced over Katie’s skin, and she wasn’t sure why until she craned her neck to look toward the direction of the low, male voice. Her body must have recognized what her mind hadn’t caught up with, because walking over to them was Marcos Rivera. He was wearing sunglasses and a baseball hat, but it was undeniably him. She could see the snake tattoo on his arm from there.

He looked larger than life in the late afternoon sun with those impossibly broad shoulders and large, bunched biceps covered in tribal tattoos. She couldn’t help but notice that every inch of him seemed wound tight and ready to jump—like a tiger stalking prey. She blinked, understanding for the first time all those warnings Jules had been leveling at her in regards to Marcos.

This wasn’t the kind, handsome angel from the crash site.

This Marcos looked deadly.

He took off his sunglasses when he stopped in front of them. His light gaze rested on the steely grasp Grayson still had on her arm. “This is the part where you let her go.

“Excuse me?” Grayson huffed in that annoying superior voice of his that had always embarrassed Katie when he used it in public, usually toward someone parking their car or waiting on them at a restaurant. “This is my wife and—”

“Ex-wife,” Katie corrected before Grayson could finish. She was still staring at Marcos in shock, unable to believe he was really standing there in front of her. “What are you doing here?”

Marcos broke the dangerous staring contest he was having with Grayson. He let his gaze run over her hotly for one long moment, making more goose bumps dance over her arms. A small bit of the tension eased out of his powerful frame, and the look in his beautiful eyes became warm just like she remembered. “I got your messages.”

“My messa—” Katie cheeks heated when she realized what he was talking about and her voice was a squeak of acknowledgement. “Oh.”

There was a quiet moment between them, one charged enough that Katie was actually breathless to be in his presence again after so long. Strangely enough, she could feel it off Marcos too. That electric fission of need so overwhelming it actually showed on his face and translated into something tangible enough that even someone as romantically challenged as Katie could sense it. As if remembering they weren’t alone, Marcos cleared his throat and turned back to Grayson, his eyes narrowed in warning once more.

“Yeah, I’m gonna have to insist you get your hands off her.” He eyed Grayson’s hold on her arm pointedly. “Now.”

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