Wednesday, April 8, 2015

~Review~ Where Sea Meets Sky by Karina Halle

When I immerse into a story, I know what I'm looking for. I want to connect with at least one character. I want to get the feels of what the character(s) are feeling. I want the mood set. I don't want to look for something that's not there. I want the story to be told simply without other distractions. And with Where Sea Meets Sky, I got EVERYTHING.

I was completely hooked with the first thought Josh had, who is dressed in costume as Kahl Drogo AKA Jason Momoa AKA my man. He's completely enthralled with the woman who dresses as Leela who we get to know as Gemma. What leads into a one night/day stand turns into an unforgettable memory that neither can forget. Even being an ocean apart, they still hold a connection. When Josh takes a leap of faith and flys out to surprise Gemma, they're both surprised at what they see. On a once in a lifetime road trip thru New Zealand, self discoveries will be made, hearts will be broken, friendships are key and love is around the corner.

Josh and Gemma work together cause they're both "lost". They know how to get what they want but it's taking that unknown step to get it. I got their emotions and their connection. I felt the love. I had the FEELS. The storytelling and writing, as always, is impeccable. I love how I can get lost in Ms. Halle's writing world. Where Sea Meets Sky is definitely an adventure that I recommend to any and all.


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