Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Silver Bastard by Joanna Wylde


New series by Ms. Wylde? I'm in and so should you. If you're a fan of her Reaper's series then this book will grab ya from the beginning. We get the characters Puck and Becca. They meet in a situation that one is being forced into while the other is rejoicing from a forced situation.  After their encounter changed them more for the better(IMO), they both go their separate ways...or so they think. 
Puck has guilt when it comes to Becca but he also lays dormant to his other feelings for her. He wants to see her grow and the best way he knows how to let her is to stay away, sort of. Becca, with guidance, grows into a strong young woman. She knows her feelings for Puck didn't change on their first encounter but she wasn't ready for what he has to give. And what he has to give is crazy, wild, hard core fucking and then some. Growing up in the MC world and knowing their pasts, Puck and Becca fit together perfectly. Yeah, it took them time to get to where they're at but it was time needed to help them become what they are now, not then. The story isn't all about Puck and Becca and other characters(new and old) are welcome. We catch somewhat of a glimpse on what's in store to this new series.
It's no secret that I've been a fan of Ms. Wylde from the get go of her MC series. I love how she can make a story gritty, witty with some titty and clitty along with some dicky(it don't rhyme but I got nothing else). All in all, read the book.

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