Monday, April 13, 2015

The Mad Tatter by J.M. Darhower


It's hard to keep a secret when you just want to shout out to the book world...LOOK WHAT'S COMING YOUR WAY SOOOON!!!!

This isn't Darhower's typical MO(mafia). We have a tattoo artist, Reece, who has been in trouble with the law for his talent. We don't get much into his past background but his present sets the mood to how his future will play out. Then we have a beautiful ballerina, Avery, who gets under Reece's skin to which he doesn't like. Their relationship starts out slow much to Reece's amusement though the sexual tension is high then it sets off to an explosive firework where they face obstacles that could deter their relationship. And last but not least we have Lexie, Reece's adorable too smart for her own good daughter. I loved how she's involved with the story. Reece's reason is Lexie and it was beautiful to watch their relationship. With the highs comes the lows and I love how the story plays out.

Darhower is but a handful of authors that can write just about anything that I'll drop what I'm doing to immediately start devouring her words. All in all, read the book.

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