Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Claimed by the Alpha Dolphins: Part One: Bound to the Sea by Lyra Fawn

Two brawny surfers from a foreign realm hold a secret that only she will share…

Thrust into a web of intrigue, Mona finds herself at the center of a centuries-old conflict between two rival pods of dolphin shifters known as the Dolphinae. Marked as a ‘Descendant of Neptune’, she first catches the eye of Lucan, a dark and handsome prince who admires her curves. But when his blond and regal companion, Dario, lays claim to her, the two suitors insist upon a duel of honor. However, a greater danger lurks beneath the sea, and Mona discovers she must reconcile the passion of the two alpha dolphins, or watch their entire race be destroyed.


Whelp. This is my first dolphin shape shifter book and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but it still wasn't all that good and I'll get to that in a bit but for now I'll get to why I semi-enjoyed this book.

First off, it has Dolphins. Dolphins that shift into surfer guys with chiseled bodies and who are both well endowed. You don't come across dolphin shape shifter stories very often, at least I don't. It was different, original and imaginative. Oh and did I mention that there are also Were-Shakrs who are the bad guys AND Were-Orcae's who are like Switzerland? *Even though the Orcae's don't appear in this book, I'm sure they will make a grand appearance in book 2.* Yup. My first visual of a Mordentes, shark shifters, is of Bruce from Finding Nemo. Say hello Mordentes.

Now to why I didn't care so much for this story. The lack of connection between the characters, especially during the sex scenes. It just felt dry and we all know that when it feels dry, especially during sex, it's going to hurt and be uncomfortable. There was potential there but it just didn't hit the mark. And talking about sex scenes, the first time she did one of them I almost had a whiplash because one second she is out in the middle of the street, in a pink teddy with no panties on and the next she is being all over that DD (dolphin dick). 
The dialogue wasn't great at all. 
Beginning of the story I thought Mona was going to be a strong, wise thinking woman but that wasn't to be because she decides to follow two complete male strangers to their hotel room to get answers about their shifting abilities. She instantly follows along with what Dario and Lucan tells her, especially Dario during her "test". That part had me shaking my head and thinking, "Mmmmm that child has gone got herself a dolphin penis stamped vagina and acting a fool now."

I'm curious to see how things go in book two so yes, I will be reading it because I know this is bound to happen.

Fighting dolphins with machine guns *fingers crossed* battling the Mordentes. 

Oh and to see if Mona is able to save both Dario and Lucan by having them both lay claim over her. *She is such a dolphin cock hoarder*

Oh, Oh and because of the Were-Orcae's because....yeah. Awesomeness.

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