Friday, December 5, 2014

The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon

Bare with me here...

And all this is IMHO...

Paranormal (adj) of or pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis,extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena. Beyond normal explanation.

Book world people will 99.9 % associate the word paranormal with vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches, etc. Some don't take into account that ghosts are part of the word paranormal. Ghosts freak me the fuck out so therefore, FOR ME, it's paranormal. Now why did I did this whole spill on the word paranormal? Cause some have categorized The Law of Moses in the genre of paranormal. Again, IMHO, I say no. Yes it does have elements(ghosts) of paranormal but that's not what the whole story is about. Did Nicholas Sparks book Safe Haven get categorized as paranormal? No. And I don't get why some would call that spoilerish. From the reviews I've seen, they didn't give away the plot, blah blah blah. Was it supposed to be a secret? I don't know and guess what, I don't care. Now, on to the story...

As mentioned above, the main dude Moses has an ability and that ability is to see and communicate with dead people. I'm not gonna say how he communicates but I will say I found it beautiful and powerful. Moses and the main chica Georgia connect even when Moses doesn't want that connection. Their connection spans many years even when that connection is broken. Now. I'm gonna stop right here. If I continue on, I know I will give major spoilers so I'm just gonna say that the last 10% of the got me, as in I cried. Not full out ugly tears but got got me. This is my first read by this author. I like her writing and I like her storytelling. Was I blown away? No. Did I get the message? Yes. It was easy to get.

When I read a book, I don't go looking to see what genre it belongs to. Except autobiographies, I don't like those. Either it's with vampires, well hung billionaires, second chance romances, man whores...I like to get lost and Ms. Harmon took me into another realm of my lostivity (it's my word and I'm sticking to it).

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