Monday, December 29, 2014

The Pact by Karina Halle

He leans in a millimeter until the side of his nose gently brushes against the side of mine. "This moment," he says, his voice hoarse, and closes his eyes. "This moment."
In this light heartfelt somewhat angsty friends to lovers story, we follow the lives of Linden and Stephanie who have secretly loved each other from afar even when they're close. When a pact is made, one took it to heart while the other thought of it as just words. When a dare is made, it sets things in motion for the pact to be fulfilled. Spanding the years of friendships, lovers, ex lovers, good and bad moments; we see love bloom and friendships tested. When words and actions are said they are felt more with the one you love cause they have more power to destroy you. The Pact is funny and sexy. Throw in a dirty mouthed Scot and it's makes it more sexier. Aye.
This is completely different from other Karina Halle's stories. What I really like about her writing is that she takes chances with different genres. Now to get her to write an erotica story with a bearded man, I'd be all over that. 
My absolute favorite lines:
"In the end you might have all my pieces," I tell her. "Please gentle with them."
"Linden," she says and her voice sounds like snow. "Please be gentle with me."

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