Friday, December 26, 2014

Wild and Free by Kristen Ashley

Wild and Free is the third installment in Kristen's The Three Series.  As with every book from KA, this book will not dissappoint. You say hello to people you've met in the first two books, Until The Sun Falls From the Sky and With Everything I Am. You get introduced to some new hot and delicious guys that knows how to kick some serious ass. You meet new people that will warm your heart with love, wisdom and truth. You will also say goodbye to people, some you know and some you just met. With their goodbye's you will feel the feels. You will feel it deep down inside.  

Oh but don't worry, you will also say goodbye to people that will have you not feeling the feels but rather a "Thank Goodness" they are dead kinda feel.

The people that have come and gone in Abel's life that he has loved and who have shown him love is beautiful and sad. Beautiful because of the protection and unconditional love they showed to Abel. Sad because of the inevitable death that comes with life.

Delilah is a spitfire. Growing up with her mother wasn't easy cheesy for her but it changed for the better when she moved in with her dad.

When Abel and Delilah connect it is magical, explosive and hot as hell and also sweet.

Some of my favorite parts in the books:

  • He'd been dreaming of her for over a hundred years. The reality was better.
  • Delilah Johnson. Total biker bitch.
  • Delilah talking to Abel about True Blood.....hilarious.
  • Viking funeral.....oh the feels.
  • Cat Steven's "The Wind" and the words whispered, "That's a deal,".....I lost it. The feels took over and I lost it.
  • John Denver's "The Eagle and the Hawk".....Totally lost it. Especially with these words "**********, I prayed. You've done your job. We're safe now. The world is safe now, because of you."

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