Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Made by J.M. Darhower

Made is the long awaited story of our beloved Kevlar Killer, Corrado Moretti. Who makes Corrado live? What set the course of his life and the way he chose to live it? When did he know he was in in La Cosa Nostra? Where does everything take place? How did he become what he became? Why do certain things happen the way they happened? Everything gets answered and then some.

Made is also the unforgettable love story of Corrado and Celia. Their love, devotion, loyalty<----(can't stress these enough) to each other rivals all others. Corrado is his own poet. His words. His actions. Now, I've said I've swooned over some men, but Corrado blew EVERYONE outta the water.

"You're worth more than a moment, Celia," he said, reaching out and grabbing her hand again. "I'd rather give you a lifetime."

Corrado started to protest, but silenced his objections. Who was he to tell her what to do?
"Your light is the only thing in this world not tainted by my darknes," he said, his eyes leaving hers to rake down her flushed body. "The only effect I seem to have on it is to turn it a slight shade of pink."
"It's because you're still looking at me that way."
He laughed lightly, his focus returning to her face, noting her cheeks growing even redder. "Luna Rossa," he whispered. "My very own blushing moon."

Made is the portrayal of the mafia family to perfection. *I'm no expert into the lifestyle but from other stories that I've read, this has the realistic and believable feel.* 

Made made me cry. The emotions that the story evoke will do you in. It did me especially, ESPECIALLY, at one part. Not gonna say where cause it will give it away. Let's just say that I refuse to believe it.

Made solidifies that JM Darhower has become my go to author. Her writing and storytelling is superb. It's flawless. It's solid. 

Made is also this chicas #1 read of 2014.

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