Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Playing it Safe by Barbie Bohrman


The chase is just as fun as being caught.
We first met Julia and Alex in Promise Me. Julia is my type of heroine. She's upfront with her thoughts, foul-mouthed(which is NOT a bad thing), confident, has just the right amount of humor that doesn't border to being obnoxious and sexy. Alex is definitely all the right amount of types that I love. He's patient, understanding, loyal, a family man, hot in all ways(backward hat wearing dimple give as good as he gets type of guy). And when you put them together...their chemistry smolders into an intense, sensual and erotic kind of love. Their bantering is witty and I love how they communicate. Either it's with words, stolen glances, soft touches or hard fucking. 


With the touches, the looks, the words; they easily connect. He pushes but lets Julia sets the pace, to his amusement of course. Julia easily amuses Alex and that's what I loved the most. He let her be and appreciated for what she is. Family is huge for both of them and they help along to their romance. And with family comes friends and these friends of theirs pushed in every direction to make it work for Alex and Julia. One particular friend, Sarah, had me cracking up. I would love a story on her. *hint hint wink wink*

It's an easy read. You can easily relate to the characters. It's humorous and it's hard not really like the book.

Favorite line: "Work it, own it, work it".

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