Thursday, October 9, 2014

Reaper's Stand by Joanna Wylde

AGAIN...What in the FUCK did I just read!?!

When I first (since then, it's been a many times of rereading) read Reaper's Property back in 2013, I saw this series AND this author going places. I have loved all characters and I have loved how Joanna can tell her stories. They're gritty, naughty, hilarious and they stick with you. A lot, and I mean a lot of MC's stories have been written. Some were so-so, some were a no-no and some (like this series) are a definite in go-go get your ass a moving and one-click!

Picnic. Picnic. Picnic. Three things I knew about of him...

1. He's the President of the Reaper's.
2. He does what he does to protect the ones he loves.
3. He fucks the youngins and I had no problem with that.

Of course as the story progresses we get to see that he's more than what I listed above. He's an asshole. He does and says asshole things that I laughed and fumed about. And I loved that about him. He means what he says, there's no bullshitting with him. As for his love interest London, I love her character as well. She's a strong heroine and she fits perfectly with Picnic. The attraction is unavoidable EVEN when Picnic does asshole moves.

Not gonna spoil anything but I will say this. The story line is violent. The sex is raw. The words are sweet. The characters are real. And Ms. Wylde continues to outdo herself. As I've said many a times, I'll be pimping this series and author for a long ass time. 

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